Connecticut River Crossing - South Transmission Main

South Transmission Main Connecticut River Crossing Cranes working on the West Side of the Connecticut River in Agawam

The Commission has two water transmission pipelines that deliver water to the Forest Park area of Springfield by traveling under the Connecticut River near the South End Bridge. The two 36-inch pipes were installed in 1928. In 2010 a leak was detected on one of the mains and repaired, however inspections indicated that both steel pipeshad met their useful life and were in need of rehabilitation or replacement.

Beginning in 2011, a rehabilitation of the pipeline included a slip-line operation of 3,600 feet of 24-inch HDPE liner. An additional 2,000 feet of 48-in diameter steel main was welded and cement lined and a number of gate valves were replaced as part of this project. The total cost of the project was $7,500,000 and was completed in 2012.

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